Who Knew HTC Had Physical Stores?

Nokia couldn't sustain retail stores for long, but seemingly HTC hasn't faced the same problem just yet - did anyone know they had stores open in Russia and the Czech Republic?

PocketNow has reported that HTC opened its first ever store in Prague in the Czech Republic just last month. Coincidentally, Prague just so happened to be the same city Nokia chose to open its first store in too, apparently. A couple of weeks later, HTC cut the ribbon on its Moscow store, which may be smaller but shows HTC has a clear goal with its branding.

Largely thanks to the fact that they threw their weight behind Android from an early stage and actually bother making hardware that is worthy of the OS it runs on, it's now become very "cool" to be seen with a HTC phone. Perhaps HTC stores will soon become the new hangout place to check emails and rub shoulders with minor celebrities? [911sniper.blog and MobilMania and YouHTC via Pocketnow]

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