White iPhone 4 Sneaks Out Of Factory In Black iPhone 4 Box

How do you get your hands on a white iPhone 4? Well, you could always wait until "later this year". Or, you know, smuggle it to Hong Kong in a black iPhone 4 box. Like this one here allegedly was.

The above appears to be a 32GB white iPhone 4, with a white headphone jack and dock connector that suggest its legitimacy:

And while it's notoriously easy to DIY a white model out of a black one, the device in question here has a white home button and doesn't look otherwise fussed with. Here's a better close-up look:

Of course, an operation this shady could only be documented on Twitter, where the supposed smuggler is offering this prize up for sale. Given those circumstances - maybe it's better to wait after all. [ePrice via MIC Gadget]

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