This Is What $US39,000 Worth Of Recycled Lottery Tickets (And Dreams) Looks Like

The odd lottery ticket purchase when you're feeling particularly lucky is fine, but when it becomes an addiction it's time for an intervention. Two artists did just that, showing what could've been bought with the money spent on tickets.

Lauren Was and Adam Eckstrom from the Rhode Island School of Design gathered together thousands of dollars worth of tickets and created amazing sculptures of what the money could've actually been spent on. Instead of hoping to win enough money for a lavish holiday or car, gamblers could've bought the real thing with the money invested in their hobbies.

The Hummer H3 was made from $US39,000 worth of tickets, whereas the "Dream Home", with its chandelier and antique furniture, was created using $US70,000 worth of the colourful pieces of card. [Yatzer via GreenDiary]

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