Watch An Interview With The World's First Cyborg

Twelve years ago, Professor Kevin Warwick became the world's first cyborg. Today, at Motherboard he's holding court on cybernetics, and how if we don't embrace our cyber upgrade potential, the robots will someday win.

Warwick knows what he's talking about, not just as the first man to have an RFID implant - letting him turn on lights by snapping his fingers, among other things - but as a Professor of Cybernetics at Reading University. His vision of the future is more of a warning, really; that "someday we'll switch on that machine, and we won't be able to switch it off." We're in an arms race with machines, so why not upgrade where we can?

It's fascinating stuff, if a little alarmist. But please don't tell Dr Warwick I said that, lest he blast me with the optical laser guns I'm sure he's equipped himself with. [Motherboard via BoingBoing]

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