Watch A Ton Of Pigeons Being Trapped By A Catapulted Net

Ahhhh! If you get freaked out by pigeons, wait until you see a whole writhing mass of the winged rats trapped inside a catapult-sprung net. Truly terrifying. And apparently the solution to Spain's big pigeon problem.

Pigeons have been deemed a "plague" in Barcelona, spreading disease and pooping all over Gaudi's beautiful buildings. To curb the destruction, the city is trying to catch 65,000 of the birds, roughly 25 per cent of the pigeon population, over the next year and a half. While some birds are being trapped in traditional cages and relocated outside of the city, others are subject to private pigeon trappers' kooky catapulted nets.

Cruel? Maybe! But a plague's a plague, I guess? And, anyway, if you don't think that resulting video is the craziest thing you've seen today, you are just totally in-coo-rrect. [Wired]

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