Using Music To Reach The Memories Of Alzheimer's Patients

Transcendental Tunes combines RFID technology (in the form of a golden, translucent gem) and a retro-looking wooden audio device to play digital music that releases the memories held captive by the mind in Alzheimer's patients.

The concept is built under the premise that those with Alzheimer's don't lose their memories, they just can't access them. It takes advantage of the Medial Prefrontal Cortex - one of the last places affected by the illness - which is in charge of familiar memories, music and emotion. The patient's care partner chooses a song (stored in a metallic orb that acts as an RFID antenna) to connect himself with the Alzheimer's patient, and when the song is played, the pathway to their memories of the care partner should open up. [Transcendental Tunes via Core77]

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