UI Firm Demos Page-Turning Windows 7 Tablet Interface

Steve Ballmer promised Windows 7 tablets up the wazoo at the Worldwide Partner Conference last month, and at least one UI firm is working to prove him right with a "page turning" UI, deliciously named Macallan.

The firm is UI Centric, and as you can see in the video, the interface is pretty slick, allowing users to fully "turn pages" to return to the home screen, or merely peek at an underlying app (multitasking), such as a calendar for appointments or similar info, before quickly returning to the task at hand.

The demo promises the aforementioned mutlitasking, flash, camera support and a simplified approach that the folks at Neowin speculate could even impress a few stalwart of iPad/iOS UI lovers.

And if you really happen to like the short demo, there's even better news: UI Centric is promising that a "major manufacturer" will ship a device with the Macallan UI by Q3. [Neowin]

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