Two More 3D TVs From Sony, In That Swish Monolithic Design

Two More 3D TVs From Sony, In That Swish Monolithic Design

3DTV is still to catch on, but Sony’s already churning out more Bravia models before the year is out – the NX713 and NX813. They’re of that beautiful “monolithic” design (stand sold separately!) and are slimmer with smaller bezels.

A few details are listed in the press release below, but we’re still waiting on the nitty-gritty. In the meantime, I can tell you they’ve got dynamic edge LED backlighting, and on the NX713 Motionflow 100Hz Pro, and Motionflow 200Hz Pro for the NX813. Both models have a base-mounted 2.1 system and can be adjusted at a 6-degree viewing angle.

Hold out for the full tech specs, along with dating and pricing, which I’ve already asked Sony for.

Weybridge, August 19, 2010

The new BRAVIA® 3DTVs NX713 and NX813:

Bringing style and connectivity to the 3D experience

Sony extends its BRAVIA 3D line-up with two new network models that combine 3D capability, connectivity and elegant design

• Featuring BRAVIA Internet Video – for on-demand, online entertainment

• Full High Definition 3D – just add a 3D Sync Transmitter and glasses to enjoy a new dimension in television

• Transform your living space – with the slim and stylish Monolithic Design

Get ready for the 3D revolution

3D entertainment has moved out of the cinema into the Living Room, and the Sony EISA award winning 3D BRAVIA TVs are leading the way.

All 3D BRAVIA TVs are supported by a rapidly increasing variety of 3D content, including the latest Hollywood movies on Blu-ray 3D™ disc such as Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs; sport, music, natural history and entertainment from new 3D cable and satellite channels; even 3D games such as WipEout®HD and MotorStorm® Pacific Rift for the PlayStation®3.

Even in 2D, these TVs offer amazing HD picture quality. With Dynamic Edge LED backlighting and Motionflow 100Hz Pro (NX713) or Motionflow 200Hz Pro (NX813), the resulting ultra high contrast images are incredibly sharp and smooth.

Watch what you want, when you want

BRAVIA Internet Video puts the viewer in control of a world of online, on-demand video – delivered straight to the television screen with no need for a PC. From catch-up TV to video sharing sites like YouTube™, plus exclusive content like the FIFA World Cup™ Collection and streaming movies from LOVEFiLM, it’s never been easier to enjoy what you want, when you want – with new content and video channels being added to BRAVIA Internet Video all the time.

BRAVIA Internet Widgets allows the viewer to see what friends are up to with updates from sites like Twitter™ and Facebook™, view photos from Flickr™ – all via the TV screen.

Transform your living room

Monolithic Design means a new way of thinking about how the TV fits into the living room. These televisions look amazing even when not switched on – plus the slim screen with concealed, touch sensitive controls means nothing interrupts the smooth surface finish.

The NX713 and NX813 both have a new, even slimmer design – including a smaller bezel around the TV’s screen.

To complement the NX713 or NX813, a new optional designer stand offers an even more elegant way to set the TV at the perfect 6° viewing angle – and with a 2.1 sound system mounted in the base, enhanced sound quality is guaranteed.

Get ready for style and performance

“With 3D capability, the connectivity of BRAVIA Internet Video and stunning monolithic design, the NX713 and NX813 are perfect for people who want both style and performance from their TV,” says Christian Brown, Senior Category Marketing Manager, Sony UK.

“More and more people recognise that 3D will play an important part in the future of home entertainment. And with the NX713 and NX813 you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re ready to upgrade to 3D viewing as soon as you decide the time is right.”