Turn Your Tap Into A Colourful Schoolyard Bubbler

How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night, your throat parched and your bladder full, as you stumble into the bathroom to relieve both discomforts? And when you go to drink from the tap, the water is so cold on your hands that you wake up completely, only to spend the rest of the night awake, longing for the sweet embrace of sleep to claim you? Just me? Well, at least I'll appreciate the simple function of the Dreamfarm Tapi, which converts almost any tap into a bubbler.

Essentially just a piece of rubber that attaches to the end of your tap, you squeeze the bottom of the Tapi when you want to drink, and the water will then bubble out of a small hole at the top, just like a schoolyard bubbler.

Designed by Aussie company Dreamfarm, the Tapi will be available later this month and will sell for $5.95 from both the Dreamfarm online store and selected retailers. It will be available in a range of 11 different colours too, which should offer enough to match even the brightest bathrooms out there.


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