Turn Your iPad Into A Handsome, Leather-Bound Book

For you iPad owners who want to be extra cheeky about the fact that you're helping books go the way of the dodo, TwelveSouth's BookBook case wraps your tablet in hardback leather. Think War and Peace: Plants vs Zombies edition.

Like the BookBook MacBook case before it, BookBook for iPad dresses your Apple product up like some handsome old tome, complete with faded, gold-inlaid spine. In addition to protecting your iPad with its hardback cover, this version of the BookBook uses a string and button mechanism for standing your slate at any desired angle, say for when you're watching a video and commenting out loud to no one at all that you could never watch an episode of The Office on your old copy of Madame Bovary! Ha!

The BookBooks are handcrafted, making every one a little different, and they have a soft interior for keeping your iPad cushy and scratch-free. At $US70 they're not exactly cheap, but, hey, it could well be the very last book you ever buy. Available now, in brown and darker brown, over at TwelveSouth. [TwelveSouth]

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