Tron Kama Sutra: Because Even Nerds Have Sex

Using a RED camera, two actors wearing Tron costumes and a whole heapa' special effects, WonderHowTo's put together the ultimate guide for nerdlingers interested in pleasing their partners. Even Tron Guys with beer bellies can pull of some of these:

WonderHowTo suggests you start out nice and slow with the Missionary, and then flip 'er over for the Pile Driver. Then, some experimentation with the Wheelbarrow, the Sitting Bull and a brief hello at the Pearly Gates, and before you know it you'll be dancing the Victory to the finish line.

Videos for 20 of the positions can be found over on their site, but if your partner is already sliding into her Tron-girl suit and the clock's a ticking, take a quick glance at the gallery below of the Gizmodo-recommended Tron moves (TM). [WonderHowTo via Unnecessary Umlaut - Thanks, Mike and Fred!]

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