Trapped Chilean Miners Get PSPs

There are 33 miners stuck 700m underground. It could be Christmas before the escape shaft is finished. How to pass the time? PlayStation Portables.

Food and toiletries are being funnelled to the trapped men. As a diversion, PSPs have been included in the cups each men receive, containing their daily necessities.

Worst case scenario is that the men will be out in four months. Depending on use, the PSP's battery ballparks at around six hours or more. Power cables to the rescue.

Playing cards and board games might have been better as they don't run on batteries. But it's the thought that counts! And those PSPs will definitely provide a much needed diversion for a couple hours.

The men have already been trapped for two weeks and were discovered after a mine collapsed in Copiapo, Chile, on August 5.

【チリ落盤事故】気晴らしにPSP差し入れ [MSN産経ニュース]

Republished from Kotaku.

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