Touchless Automatic Paper-Towel Dispenser Might Be Too Much

For me, paper towel dispensers fall under things I never thought needed improving. The imaginative folks at CLEANCut think differently - they've created an automatic paper towel dispenser and cutter that's sleek, touchless and probably totally unnecessary.

The Clean Cut Paper Towel Dispenser can cut any brand of paper towel to whatever length you want, and since it's touchless it's supposed to be completely sanitary and germ-free. All you do is wave your hand to dispense and wave it again to cut. Sounds fun! Also, since you dictate how much paper towel is cut, you can theoretically conserve and save. So there is all that.

But the automatic paper towel dispenser costs $US150 and solves a problem I'm not sure really exists. I don't know about you guys, but I think I'll be fine with pulling and ripping paper towels in my old-school paper-towel holder. [Unplggd]

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