Tokyo Is Serious About Manners In These Vintage Subway Posters

In Tokyo, subway etiquette is no joke - you can ask Superman, Optimus Prime or Astro Boy. Just look at what could happen if you spit out your Kryptonite bubble gum onto the station platform. Tsk tsk.

The three annoying train monsters poster from October 1982 pays homage to Transformers and shows Nesshii, the sleeping monster; Asshii, the leg-crossing monster; and Shinbunshii, the newspaper-reading monster.

Inspired by Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator", the Seat Monopoliser from July 1976 reminds passengers not to take up more space than necessary.

The "Journey to the West" monkey tells passengers not to smoke during non-smoking hours, from October 1980.

The Space Invader poster from March 1979 (inspired by the arcade game) illustrates what a pain it is when passengers read newspapers in a way that invades others' space.

The Shimatta poster from March 1977 is a notice for the ladies - don't get your purse caught in the train doors.

This nun instructs passengers not to not rush onto the train at the last second in April 1979.

Superman reminds you to clearly show your train pass to the station attendant, September 1976.

Astro Boy returns a forgotten hat and umbrella to his creator Osamu Tezuka in the Humans Are Forgetful poster from February 1976.

Check out the cool Japanese posters above or hit the link for even more subway safety action. [Pink Tentacle]

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