Tired Of Malware Attacks? Move To Africa, The Safest Web Region

Despite the masses of negative publicity heaped on the continent by the famed Nigerian spam industry, Africa is actually one of the world's safest places to go online in - featuring seven of the 10 nations least attacked by malware.

Virus-checker company AVG surveyed 127 million computers in 144 countries and calculated the average rate of attacks - with the African nation of Sierra Leone emerging as the least assaulted, with only one virus event logged per 692 web users. Sierra Leone is largely a subsistence farming economy, mind, so much of its population is unlikely to spend its evenings stealing games off Bittorrent.

Turkey, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are the global viral hot spots, with the US ranking a credible ninth - where one in every 48 web users is subject to an attack of some sort. [PC Advisor]

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