This Year's UC Irvine Medical Students Get The First iPad-Based Curriculum

Forget sitting, lazily note-taking, listening to a professor's lecture. UC Irvine Med School is giving the educational system an about face by providing an iPad to each of its new students for their entirely digital, iPad-based curriculum.

Dr Ralph Clayman, the dean of the School of Medicine, is committed to embracing evolving technology and shows it through the interactive learning environment they've developed. There are tools to account for students' varied learning styles, short lectures that can be viewed via podcast before group meetings, and the usual course outlines, slide presentations and first-year textbooks - in digital format (a million trees just gave a huge THANK YOU). Students will have access to audio and video libraries, and advances like digital stethoscopes and hand-held ultrasound units will one day also be able to interface with the iPads, too. [PhysOrg]

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