This Hair Dryer Has A Ferrari Engine Inside

The new Conair BaByliss Pro Volare hair dryer packs an "engine" built with Ferrari's team using real Ferrari parts. I'm hoping that the Volare can dry wet hair faster than a Ferrari can hit 100km/h.

Apparently, the Volare is the first hair dryer to use a ball-bearing design, which is supposed to keep things running smooth. The hair dryer is extremely lightweight, comes in Ferrari red (natch) or black and even throws in a turbo button to boost airspeed. Its Ferrari designed AC V12 Engine packs 2200 watts of power, can reach airspeeds of 129km/h and can last for up to 2000 hours. I'm no hair-drying expert, but typical hair dryers "only" last for 500 hours.

It's expensive, retailing at around $US400, but it's way more affordable than a Ferrari. And if I can get a Ferrari attached to my name for $US400, I might have to buy one. [BaByliss Pro via BellaSugar via Luxist]

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