This Coffee Shop Has A Back To The Future DeLorean Parked Inside

The Wormhole, a coffee shop in Chicago, celebrates geek culture with a DeLorean parked right inside the shop. How could you not walk in if you see this on the street? You are a human with a heart, right?

And it's not just the DeLorean, The Wormhole has movie posters and memorabilia from films that are in heavy geek rotation: Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and everything else that happened in or around the 80s.

I'm no coffee fiend (unlike Matty B) so I need these sort of gimmicks and silly tricks to pull me in (apparently, they make good coffee too). A full fledged Back to the Future DeLorean complete with a Mr. Fusion and OUTATIME licence plate? I am so in.

If you squint a little bit, The Wormhole is sorta like a tamer version of the Giz Gallery. [Chicago Now via Neatorama]

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