There's A MacBook Air Trapped Inside This Keyboard And Magic Trackpad

My last four computers have been laptops, but I quietly long for a matching set of Apple's shiny silver peripherals on my desk. And it would be even better if they housed my whole computer itself, like these ones do:

The intrepid modder behind the MacBook Air Project received a busted up MacBook Air as a gift and decided that instead of fixing it up, he'd tear it apart and shove it inside an Apple keyboard and Magic Trackpad. Now he's got himself some input devices that house a fully functioning 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo Mac with an 80GB hard drive.

Bart, as he's named, is in the process of modifying the polycarbonate case to cleanly include USB ports, a magsafe connector and a DVI port, but on concept alone I'm willing to say that this is one of my favourite mods ever. First we stuffed the computer in the monitor, now we're putting it in the keyboard, and someday I hope to write about the brilliant modder who managed to squeeze the entire machine's guts into the space bar. [MacBook Air Project via CrunchGear]

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