The Zero-View YouTube Video Showcase

If a video drops on YouTube and no one watches it, does it make a lolz? That's one koan that's been solved, thanks to this site that curates nothing but unwatched uploads. And trust me, these deserve an audience.

Of course, these unloved gems don't stay that way long, not after they've been outed as orphans. Nor should they! Who would want to deprive the world of the frantic gum-chewing of Jashon980:

Or Bieber Fever in its natural habitat:

Or... this guy:

Thank goodness ZeroViews is out there, doing the lord's work, bringing these treasures to light. You can keep your David at the Dentist. I'll be just fine with the lonesome weirdo auteurs. [ZeroViews via Geekosystem]

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