The Ultimate Marijuana Farm Security System: Bears

Perimeter fences are hard to maintain. Security cameras are expensive these days. Armed guards can be bought. Yep, it looks like there's really only one way you can reliably protect your marijuana farm these days: lazy bears.

That was apparently the proprietorial philosophy of one recently raided Western Canadian marijuana farm. The attending police were flummoxed when they found the place guarded by 10 black bears.

Apparently the beasts had been intentionally attracted to the spot by pic-a-nic baskets dog food, encouraged to act as impromptu sentries. And what a great idea, right? These guys could have used any high-tech system that they wanted, assuming the illegal marijuana trade is as lucrative as I imagine it to be. But screw all that; what could be more terrifying than a bear? Except:

"They were tame, they just sat around watching. At one point one of the bears climbed onto the hood of a police car, sat there for a bit and then jumped off," said Royal Canadian Mounted Police sergeant Fred Mansveld.

So maybe a high-tech security system really does trump thousands of years of killing machine evolution. I can guarantee this, though: No salmon get anywhere near that weed.


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