The Most Kick Ass Gizmodo Competition Ever

The Most <em>Kick Ass</em> Gizmodo Competition Ever

What would be the most kick-ass prize you could possibly hope for linked to the blockbuster hit Kick-Ass? If you said a limited edition A1 sized canvas specifically drawn by Kick-Ass creator John Romita Jr plus a copy of the movie on Blu-ray, you’d be right. Kick ass!

To celebrate the movie's Blu-ray release, Universal pictures are giving us one of these limited edition prints to give away to one of you, along with a copy of the movie. And just to be nice, 10 runners up will also take home a copy of the Blu-ray release.

To enter, all you need to do is show us your most "kick ass" moment. It can be a photo, a video or an illustration of your own, but it needs to be visual. You can send entries through to [email protected], with the subject line "Kick Ass Comp".

Entries close on Sunday August 15 at 11.59pm. Best of luck!