The GizMod: Our Quest For The Ultimate Geek Vehicle

The GizMod: Our Quest For The Ultimate Geek Vehicle

 title=We’ve always wanted to upgrade a car with the hottest new technology mods. The GizMod is our chance to live that dream.

We live in a world of seemingly ubiquitous technology. A world where you can travel anywhere and, with the right hardware, connect to the most remote places on the planet. Our homes are shrines to tech, from the humble TV to our computers, from our wireless modems to our mobile phones.

But for all our digital tools, there’s one place in our daily lives that most of us tend to neglect from a gadget standpoint. One place that only has the most basic of connection and entertainment options. One place that defies our tendency to surround ourselves with the latest in technical advancements. That place: the humble car.

We’ve decided to change all that. Thanks to Toyota, we’ve got a brand new Rukus that’s ours to modify with the most impressive new examples of in-car technology. Over the coming months, we’ll be asking for your help to decide the best high-tech mods to add to our Rukus, from state-of-the-art AV systems to next-generation connectivity and the latest security options. As each modification is made, we’ll be bringing you detailed video so you can know exactly what needs to be done to pimp out your own car with the same (or similar) technology, all while lusting over the geeky additions we add to Toyota’s latest SUV.

Then, once we’re done pimping the car with as much gadgety bling as we can possibly fit into it, we’re going to do something with it we’ve never done before here on Giz that you’ll have to wait to find out.

We call it The GizMod. It’s our quest for the ultimate geek vehicle.

Stay tuned for more as we get our hands on the car and start the process of upgrading it from factory release to über-geek super-vehicle.