Embrace Infant Warmer: Cheap Incubator For Developing Countries

In developing countries, low birth weight babies don't always have the luxury of an incubator to help them. Hopefully this $US25 Embrace Infant Warmer can become a viable alternative; it was successfully tested on its first baby a week ago.

The idea behind the Embrace is rather simple. A heating pouch is slipped into the sleeping bag and a basic thermometer reads temperature. It was used on Nisha, the baby above:

Nisha, a 2.3kg, rosy-cheeked baby girl, was placed into the Warmer. Luckily, any tense feelings diffused once she was put into the device. Nisha was initially experiencing cold stress, but was safely brought to normal body temperature after being put into the warmer! Also, our device successfully maintained its temperature of 35°C – 38°C for the full four-hour duration.

More testing is still needed, but it looks like the Embrace could nurse a lot of babies to full health. [Embrace via Fast Company]

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