The Embassy Of Drowned Nations

As sea levels rise, an extraordinary population shift will place immense stress on cities around the world. Where will global warming refugees go? One design team envisions an "Embassy of the Drowned Nations" to provide asylum and a fresh start.

The concept plan imagines a "a sort of Ellis Island", a mix "between Atlantis and Eden", located in Sydney Harbour. Part floating city, part inverted island, the structure would house displaced peoples while they coped with their lost homes. As sea levels rose, the island's sunken surface would extend deeper, providing a new, temporary home for families as they prepared to join Australian society.

Concept renders have a tendency to be frivolous, so we're pleased to see an exception to the rule here - it's not too soon for the brightest design minds to cook up responses to global warming. [AILA via The Scuttlefish]

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