Ten's Next Digital Channel Is Called... 'Eleven'

Channel 10 is the latest free-to-air network to announce its plans for a third digital channel following the 7mate announcement last week. And in an inspired naming choice, the new channel will be simply called "Eleven".

According to B&T, Eleven will launch next year with "new" episodes of Futurama, The Cleveland Show, Supernatural, Stargate, Smallville and Dexter, as well as becoming the new home of The Simpsons. The new channel will also contain a heap of content from CBS in the US. It will only be an SD channel though...

The younger demographic obviously being targeted by Eleven makes sense, given that 7mate is aimed at blokes, One is for sports fans, Go! and 7Two are a complete mishmash.

I guess the only thing left now is to wait for Channel nine to pick a demographic they want to target with their third digital channel and hope they come up with a better name than their competitors did...


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