Tell Us How This Object-Detecting iPhone Game Works, Please

We're not exactly sure how Volumique's forthcoming (i)Pawn game actually works (some are calling French shenanigans), but even if it is fake, it's an intriguing idea with limitless possibilities.

If you take a look at the video here, you'll see that two different figurines (or "pawns") can be recognised after being placed on the touchscreen, with the game saying hello (or "bonjour") to the different characters. Then, a choose your own adventure-style game takes place, with the pawns talking to each other through speech bubbles.

OhGizmo has hypothesised that the pawns could be sitting on top of different cell batteries, with the iPhone touchscreen sensing the changes in electrical charges.

What we do know is that a similar object-detecting video appeared online several months ago, showing Google Maps being controlled by a knob, turning this way and that. It doesn't help explain how Volumique's video seemingly shows the iPhone detecting two different objects, though.

What do you think? Volumique isn't offering up much information on its website, but does promise a November release date for the game. [Volumique via Creative Applications via OhGizmo]

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