Surfboard With Headlights

Hailed as the inventor of the modern longboard, Bill Stewart's reinvented the humble surfboard, turning it into the high-tech Night Stalker. Headlights and LED-embedded side fins make it safe for night surfing, but imagine what a shark in headlights looks like.

On August 14, the board will be auctioned off as part of Billabong's Art of Shaping charity event, with the money being sent off to the SIMA Humanitarian fund. One lucky person will be surfing the S-wing design board, which has two rechargeable batteries that power the 700 lumen headlights (adjustable!). The side fins house LEDs for casting spooky shapes across the waves.

If the winning bigger just keeps this Night Stalker in their pool room, I'm going to be very disappointed. [Bill Stewart via Stoke Report]

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