Start Building Your Smartphone's Kit With These Magnetic Lenses

They say the best camera is the one you have with you, and for many of us that means the one on our phone. Photojojo's ingenious magnetic lenses are the easiest way to make your best camera even better.

The lenses - there's a .67x wide angle and a 180-degree fisheye - attach magnetically via a self-adhesive metal ring that you affix around your phone's camera, and supposedly they'll work with any cameraphone. The ring's removable, too, so using the lenses doesn't require any extensive or permanent modification to your precious smartphone.

The macro lens is $US20 and the fisheye lens is $US25, or you can grab 'em both for $US40. For anyone who's into taking real photos with their cameraphone, these could be worth adding to your kit. [Wired]

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