Sony's IPTV Offering Gets Even Better With Moshcam

IPTV has made its way into TVs from pretty much every major consumer electronics company, but it seems that Sony are the only company really delivering on content. In addition to Yahoo!7, SBS, ABC iView and a raft of other international channels, they've just added Moshcam to the list, bringing full-length live concerts from hundreds of Australian and international artists.

There are over 700 full-length concerts available on the website, which is an admirable accomplishment in itself. But being able to watch those same concerts on the big screen for free is even better. There are concerts from artists like john Butler, Ben Harper, Nine Inch Nails, Public Enemy, The Dandy Warhols and hundreds more available on the site, which should literally provide hundreds of hours entertainment through the Bravia Internet Video service. It will all be metered content though, so watch your download limit if you start using this channel.

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