So How Are The Japanese Getting Along With Touchscreen Vending Machines?

Those Japanese touchscreen vending machines in Tokyo may be the future of street-level drink sales, but are the Japanese actually liking it? Let's find out.

Japan Probe summarises:

• High school girls think it's cool. • Some customers have trouble figuring out what part of the screen needs to be touched in order to buy a drink. • When it detects a young man, it recommends a sports drink or bottled water. • When it detects a woman, it recommends tea or bottled water. • It has trouble detecting faces when eyes are blocked by dark sunglasses.

Confusion about where to press should only be a temporary thing, and the recommendation thing sounds interesting. Recommending a cold drink when it's hot, or a hot one when it's cold, would be a pretty logical extension of this. I like the way you think, Japan. [Japan Probe]

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