Simon Cowell's UK Singing Contest Winner: Auto-Tune!

If you're not familiar with the UK talent show The X Factor, think of it as American Idol with adorable British accents. And also contestants - like Gamu Nhengu here - who never miss note, thanks to glorious Auto-Tuning. Hit it, Gamu!

Nhengu's recent supplemented audition created a row in the UK, where fans and critics of the show alike were shocked - shocked - to find out that their favourite performers weren't coming through au naturel. The timing's also particularly inconvenient for Cowell, who plans to bring X Factor to the US next year.

A few things here. First, yeah, that's pretty blatant. And heaven forbid the sanctity of a puffed up talent show be violated by some audio wizardry. But in some ways, isn't this just preparing the contestants for what life's really like as a singing celebrity? Auto-tune isn't just for T-Pain - you'd be hard-pressed to find a professional singer who hasn't employed it in some capacity, at some point or another.

Yes, they should have disclosed they were using Auto-Tune. And yes, the validity of past winners comes into question (except Leona Lewis!). But at least it's out in the open what the X-Factor is that helps you get and stay famous: technology. [Wired]

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