Shooting The Moon With An iPhone 4 And A Telescope

We knew that the iPhone 4 had an excellent camera, but we hadn't thought to try it on any non-terrestrial subjects. It turns out that when paired with a telescope, it can take some gorgeous shots of our only satellite:

A clever stargazer paired his Planisphere-equipped iPhone 4 with a Pencil Borg telescope (175mm/F7) and Vixen LV5mm eyepiece, which apparently makes for an impressive, portable sky-shooting setup.

While I like my Angry Birds as much as the next guy, there's some kind of powerful poetry in seeing the iPhone 4, the latest and greatest gadget of the moment, train its sights on the moon, that ever-constant reminder of how tiny and insignificant gadgets really are. [Jurilog via Engadget]

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