Seven Launching Third Digital Channel: 7mate

Seven Launching Third Digital Channel: 7mate

Back in October last year, there were reports flying around that Seven would name their second digital “Channel Mate”. Today, the network officially launched their third digital channel, “7mate”. I weep for free-to-air TV.

Stupid name aside, the channel itself sounds pretty good. Targeted towards males aged 16-49, 7mate will go live on September 25 with an HD broadcast of the AFL Grand Final. Among the programming headed to 7mate is Family Guy, Scrubs, American Dad, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, Crank Yankers, That '70s Show, Caprica, Stargate Atlantis and a heap of others you can read here.

What's not clear is whether or not this third channel for the Seven network will replace their current HD channel - the announcement claims that you'll need to tune into channel 73 on September 25 on a HD capable device, as well as confirming the AFL final will be broadcast in HD. From memory the current licensing arrangements only allow one HD channel per network, which means 7HD will disappear into the ether come September 25.

UPDATE: Seven has confirmed to PC Authority that 7HD is going the way of the dodo.