Second-Gen Nikon S1100pj Projector Camera Leaked

An impending update to the mini-projector sporting S1000pj we adored is on its way, according to leaked images by German mag Foto Digital. The S1100pj will add a touchscreen and remote control, as well as other yet-to-be-revealed improvements.

The S1100pj's predecessor won us over with its not-gimmicky projector that provided surprisingly decent previews of your photos and videos. The camera's main downside was that the rest of its specs were just decent as well, not offering the photographic punch we expected for the $US430 price tag. But our John Herrman noted of the device, "What's so appealing about this camera is that it's nailed what will be, if not a universal feature, something we'll come to expect in a certain class of camera before too long." Let's hope that Nikon beefs up the rest of the experience to match the excellent projector. [Nikon Rumors via Engadget]

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