Screw 3D Race Video Games, I Want Real Life Race Games

Racer is a reality-based video game. Instead of rendering a simulated car running through a virtual track, Racer lets you control a model car through a real track using wireless video. I want this, internet playable and with real cars.

AU: Click on the video above to watch the it on Vimeo. -EH

I have the feeling that this could be a big success, because of the sense of physical destruction it will transmit to players. Actually, RC cars could be enough, perhaps multiple bigger ones running on an open air track. Better yet: Make an RC aeroplane dogfighting game with real pellet guns and mini-rockets, all internet controlled, flying for real against each other. Heck, strike that: Let's make a full World War II game, one in which players can control RC tanks, planes and robotic artillery through a huge battlefield. [Racer]

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