Roxio Creator 2011 Converts 2D Home Movies, Family Photos To 3D

The newest iteration of Roxio's do-everything software bundle, Creator, will take home movies into the third dimension - it includes tools for managing, editing and sharing 3D content and even lets users convert existing 2D photos and video into 3D.

If 3D does indeed make its way out of movie theatres and into our homes, we're going to need software to manage it, and Roxio Creator, a popular suite for managing and producing photos and video, is jumping on the 3D wave early. The newest iteration of the software allows users to import files from popular consumer 3D cameras, like the Fujifilm W3, edit 3D video with swanky 3D transitions, and save 3D video in a variety of formats, including burning 3D-enabled DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

If you're still stuck with a 2D camera (and that unwieldy library of 2D photos and video you've taken over the last however many years) you can still dabble in 3D - just select any old photograph or video and presto-chango, Creator makes it 3D.

Of course, this is a dicey endeavour. The standard amateur 3D rules apply - things work best when you leave a good distance between you and your subject; when there's a well-defined foreground, midground and background, etc - but on some of the examples I saw, there was a decent 3D effect (on others it was less successful, but as always, practice makes perfect).

In addition to all the souped-up 3D goodness, Roxio Creator still has a host of tools for managing, editing, and sharing 2D content, and the new version adds a variety of useful publishing and sharing features, like streaming to connected devices, easy publishing to Facebook, and added DVD templates for personalising your discs.

Roxio Creator 2011 is on sale right now for all your 3D needs for $US100; Roxio Creator Pro 2011, which lets you author Blu-ray Discs, will run $US120. [Roxio]

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