Ron Paul's Old Limo Is Being Converted To Longest-Ever Ride

Having built and damaged the world's longest-ever limo a few years back, crazy car DIY expert Jay Ohrberg is creating a new "world's longest", using Ron Paul's 17m election campaign limo as the base for a 32m long ride.

Last used in 2008, Ron Paul's Lincoln limo was damaged by an electrical fire, but Ohrberg managed to rescue it with the dream of turning it into an even longer vehicle than his previous one, which was "only" 30m in length.

Ohrberg is dead famous in the movie and car industries, having created the flying DeLorean in Back to the Future, the Batmobile and Batmissile in Batman Returns and even KITT from the Knight Rider.

His 30m limo from a couple of years ago could fit 75 people in it and had a pool and hot tub, a golf putting green and helipad - not to mention 26 wheels to carry all those people.

With the next issue of the Guinness Book of World Records shipping off to the printers in March 2011, Ohrberg has a huge task on his hands to get it finished in time to grab another world record. [North County Times via Born Rich]

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