Ricoh CX4 Offers Fake Tilt-Shift Mode For Under $500

Ricoh CX4 Offers Fake Tilt-Shift Mode For Under $500

 title=We love tilt-shift photography here at Giz – something about photos and videos that look like Micro Machines just gets us feeling all nostalgic. So the new Ricoh CX4’s “toy camera” “miniaturise” shooting mode, which creates a fake tilt-shift effect without the need for special lenses or expensive hardware, makes us sit up and pay attention.

The camera itself will cost $499 when it hits shelves in September and includes a heap of other scene modes for “creative” photography, like soft focus and “night landscape multi shot” mode, which takes four shots at high ISO and night and stitches them together for a blur-free, noise-free image without the need for a tripod.

On the tech side, there’s a 10MP CMOS sensor, 5fps burst mode, 1280×720 video recording and a subject tracking auto focus. there’s a 3-inch LCD and 10.7 optical zoom (28-300mm), while the whole camera is just under 3cm thick.

And in case you were wondering what the toy-shooting “miniaturise” mode looks like, here’s a pic from the Ricoh CX4 Flickr Set:  title=