Red Tube iPhone App Isn’t What You Think

Red Tube iPhone App Isn’t What You Think

 title=Everybody knows Apple is tighter than Tony Abbot’s budgie smugglers when it comes to letting adult content onto the app store. Which is why it’s so amusing reading the comments for the Red Tube iPhone app.

The app, from developers xhumans, promises the app is “the premiere place for red videos”. It’s rated for ages 17 plus, with frequent/intense sexual content or nudity, frequent/intense mature/suggestive themes and frequent/intense profanity or crude humour, among other things.

But the app does little more than show videos with the word “red” in the title or artist name. Which is exactly what the app says it does, really. But for some reason, some punters confused it with the adult video site of the same name.

Here are a couple of the more entertaining comments from the app’s review section:

A lot of you think tha you are downloading a famous actual erotic restive application but infact this is pathetic and not related to redtube at all. Please don’t waste your money and i hope the creator of this app gets sued for using the redtube name.

This is what I would call a scam. It is entirely misleading and down right wrong. It is not red tube. I hope the creator of this app realises they are pathetic and immoral and refund all money paid for this cr*p.

Really, if you paid $2.50 for an app and expected to get access to a hard core pornography site via the app store with Apple’s history, I daresay you got what you paid for.

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