Pure's Oasis Flow Is A DAB+ Radio You Can Leave In The Rain

The digital radios are coming thick and fast at the moment. The latest release from Pure is the Oasis Flow, a weatherproof DAB+ and Internet radio combo with an integrated iPod dock.

Designed for any location with an abundance of wetness, the Oasis Flow also includes a carry handle and 10 hours worth of battery life when it's away from the mains. The integrated Wi-Fi means not only Internet radio, but the ability to stream your own music collection from your home network, or alternatively you can use the FM tuner when all else fails.

It will hit shelves next month for $399, which may seem steep until you remember that you can accidentally spray it with a super soaker and still have it work. And with Summer around the corner, isn't that what's really important for a weatherproof gadget?


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