Prepare Your Senate Vote Early With

We've discussed the importance of your Senate vote here on Giz as part of our Fight the Filter campaign. And with less than three weeks until the election, now's the time to start preparing your mind for who you want to vote for. Fortunately, there's a website to help you understand voting below the line. shows you, on a state-by-state basis, exactly where preferences will be going should you vote above the line in the Senate on August 21. If you're not happy with that pre-selection, you can then choose to adjust the ticket to better suit your preferences, and then print out a guide to take with you on polling day. If you want to shout out to the world your political preference, you can also share your customised preference ticket with the press of a button.

As the site says: "Did you know that ALP and Democrat voters helped elect Steven Fielding of the Family First Party to the Senate in 2004?"

Kind of makes voting below the line a much more attractive option, doesn't it?


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