Practise Abstinence With This $US434,000 Motion-Controlled Video Game

The University of Central Florida has developed a full-body, motion-control video game that promotes abstinence. It lets tween girls control avatars that are placed in social situations that may lead to making out and, gasp, sex.

In order to play the game, teen girls will wear motion-capture suits that track their actions and translate it to the screen. They'll presumably be placed in a virtual world where sleazy guys and sparkly vampires approach them to make out and pressure them to have sex. The girls can then earn points "for particular social skills that they develop", which to me means, keep your legs and mouth shut to level up.

I'm not saying it's not going to work, but... it's probably not going to work. A video game, even one that cost $US434,000 to develop, won't teach kids the reality of sex. [My Fox Orlando via CrunchGear]

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