Play ‘Starcraft II’ From Your iPhone

Play ‘Starcraft II’ From Your iPhone

Developer Daniel Hellerman has let us know about an interesting little project he’s working on: an app that promises to let you control Starcraft II from your iPhone (or iPad).

Completely useless in terms of performance it may be, but it’ll still be a neat trick for LAN parties and may even come in handy if you’re stuck on the can a little longer than expected and your build order needs a refresh.

In addition to the ability to control nearly everything in the game – the app syncs with a program you have to download to your PC, so it’s basically a glorified control pad – it also comes with a Starcraft II unit encyclopaedia and tips on successful build orders.

The Starcraft II Gameboard, as the app is called, is due out next month. Or it will be provided Blizzard doesn’t shut it down first.

[Starcraft 2 Gameboard]

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