Pioneer Computers ePad 7 Runs Home Grown Android Version 1.8.2

What happens when you make a tablet running Android, but Google doesn't offer the upgrades to the OS you want to run? Why, you update the OS yourself! Pioneer Computers has gone and customised Android for their ePad 7 tablet and christened the updated OS as Android 1.8.2.

The software update, which Pioneer Computers claims offers "better video performance, increase in battery life, better Android applications download, great YouTube stability, improved wireless and much more", is available now for the Android tablet.

The thing about this update is that the Android OS went from version 1.6 to version 2.0, without touching 1.7 or 1.8. When asked, a Google spokesperson told us: "This is not an authorised version of Android," although wouldn't go into any detail of what that actually meant for the end user.

If you happen to own the ePad 7 and want to upgrade to the unofficial Android 1.8.2, you need to email [email protected] to receive the instructions, which kind of adds to the feelings of doubt about the OS's legitimacy.

But still, perhaps the biggest question of all is this: What happened to version 1.7?

[Pioneer Computers]

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