Pillow Vending Machine Fills, Sews, Plumps The Ideal Head-Support

Imagine a machine that creates your ideal pillow. I'm not just talking plumpness, I mean everything right down to the embroidery message your cheeks would prefer nestling on.

The Dream Machine was exhibited in the city that never sleeps - Las Vegas - at a furniture expo. Users of the machine just have to punch in their favourite sleeping position, the plumpness of the pillow they desire and whatever moniker they want emblazoned on it (mine would obviously be "Can't Sleep, Too Busy Blogging") and, hey ho, the machine churns away and pops one out like a vending machine.

It actually fills the case up with feathers and sews it inside the machine, with the size and shape of the pillow dependent on the position the customer sleeps in. I wasn't aware that size and shape of a pillow mattered, considering most come in the standard rectangular shape and size. Perhaps that's why this Dream Machine has been created, however - it can't be because of the fragrance which is inserted, in any case. Each pillow costs between $US129 and $US149. That custom embroidery better be sewn in gold fibres. [Furniture Today via Bedroom-Mag via Born Rich]

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