Panasonic Expands VIERA Lineup With 2D-To-3D Conversion

Panasonic has unveiled its GT25 series, the newest addition to the VIERA family of 3D plasma HDTVs, offering 1080p at 42 inches for $US1699 or 50 inches for $US2099. The sets also include 2D-to-3D conversion technology - a first for the company.

The GT25 models will offer many features already found in Panasonic's higher-end VT25 series, including Netflix playback, Pandora support and THX certification, at a new small(er) 42-inch size and lower prices - the 50-inch GT25 beats the current comparable set by a full $US500. We'll reserve judgment on how Panasonic's 2D conversion looks until we get a chance to see for ourselves, but it could appeal to those of you unimpressed by current 3D offerings. Look for the GT25 duo to hit shelves by the end of the month. [Panasonic]

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