Palm Developing Palmtop With Detachable Mobile Phone?

Yes, Foleo fans, you read right. According to a recently filed patent uncovered by Unwired View, Palm is still exploring the idea of a palmtop device with a detachable, dockable mobile phone component.

The patent is basically for a streamlined, updated take on the Foleo: a palmtop computer that houses a detachable, voice-only component (so you don't have to hold the whole honking thing up to your head).

The two pieces would remain connected via Bluetooth, though you'd control everything through the palmtop, which differs from some earlier visions of the Foleo in which the detachable module was a more fully-functioning smartphone. Of course, this could well be one of the many patents that remains just that, but at least we have some reason to start dreaming that beautiful Foleo dream once again. [Unwired View]

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