Otterbox's iPad Defender Case Is Hard As Nails With Three Protection-Layers

For 90 bucks, you'd at least expect Otterbox's iPad defender case to be waterproof. Or gold-plated. Instead, it's made from "three layers of protection" and is bump, shock, drop and dust-proof according to those in-the-know.

The inbuilt stand is a nice touch, I'll give them that, and the fact that it can be taken off and placed over the face of the iPad could prove handy when slippery moments are foreseen. Silicone grip pads secures the iPad so it doesn't budge, and a small cover can be snapped off for port-use.

On sale now for $US90, it takes 10-14 business days to ship. [Otterbox via CrunchGear]

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