One-Fifth Of Americans STILL Don't Use The Internet

According to a Pew study, 21 per cent of Americans claim that they don't use the internet (and 5 per cent still connect using dial-up). How is this possible? I think I've even seen homeless people peruse the internet on their iPhones.

Well, 34 per cent of those non-users actually live in a house with internet access. Other than that, 48 per cent think the web holds information irrelevant to their lives, 60 per cent said they were uncomfortable with computers in general, and 90 per cent just plain don't care to be online. And, not shockingly, over two-thirds (69 per cent) of those who don't use the internet are over the age of 65, while others may live in rural areas, have a low income, or lack a high school education.

66 per cent of Americans currently access the internet through a broadband connection, though, and that number continues to climb. [Pew Internet via TechCrunch]

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